Educational programs
City Of Truth Bible Institute offers the following three-level / year programs to those who begin their theological studies, are not graduates of any institute or seminar, have graduated from High School, or to those who do not seek a degree.

General Bible Certificate

(First Year)
The Bible Institute offers this diploma to those who complete the thirty-two hour semester of Bible training. There is no educational requirement to enter this program. Regardless of the formation of a person, anyone can enroll in this study program at the City Of Truth Bible Institute (CTBI) or Accredited branches.

Certificate of Biblical Studies

(Second Year)
The Bible Institute offers this diploma to those who successfully complete thirty-two hours of Bible training. To enroll in this program, the applicant must have thirty-two hours of semester prior Bible training with the City Of Truth Bible Institute; or an accepted Bible School. This course is considered a two year course.

Diploma in Theology

(Third Year)
The Bible Institute offers a Diploma in Theology program, as a third year program. As a prerequisite, a person wishing to enroll in this program must have sixty-four hours of prior training or its equivalent. The student must complete the semester of thirty-two hours of work, taken from the courses listed in the curriculum. Graduates may continue to the fourth year.

Associates Degree

(Fourth Year)
The Fourth Year is one of the most intense grades. This is the level at which the student now delves into ministerial material, profound biblical / theological principles, and prophetic concepts such as Eschatology. In the doctrinal part the class of Christology, makes an extremely deep and exhaustive study of the person of Jesus Christ